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10 Things Your Brand Needs to do on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has now evolved into a powerful lead generation tool for many businesses. The Company Page feature can be developed into a one-stop- shop for anyone looking for information about your business. With so many great features, it can be quite challenging to figure out how to use the ones that best fit your needs. Here are some easy-to- follow tips for you to make the most of your LinkedIn company page.

1. Optimize To Generate Leads

Businesses share information about their location, industry and size on their company page. Beyond the basic information about your company, feature information about who your customers are and what you do to make them successful. Keep the goal of your company page clear and precise. Posting content that’s helpful to your customers would pique their interest and drive them to your website.

2. Use Showcase Pages For Multiple Products

It can get difficult to target a specific audience if your company has multiple offerings. Showcase pages allows you to carter to your targeted audience. While these pages allow you to tailor your messaging to a specific audience, they also give prospects a glance at your entire company and all its offerings.

3. Proactive Search for Prospects

One of the best features LinkedIn provides you with is the advanced search option for B2B companies. Advanced search lets you actively search for prospects and visualize how you may be connected to them. Start by building a profile for an ideal customer. Plug in the attributes in the advanced search to get a list of profiles that match your customer profile. Use the filter option to further narrow down your search.

4. Develop A Content Strategy

Quality content comes from a good strategy. You may not feel the need to have a strategy at first, but simply having good content isn’t effective. In order to make sure you’re constantly producing the highest quality content, first develop a sound content strategy to guide all your efforts. The starting point for developing a content strategy is your customer. Think about what’s on their mind and what day-to- day business challenges can you help them solve.

5. Real-time Engagement

Simply posting your content is not enough these days. Brands need to be made ‘human’ to build a relationship with customers. You need to connect on a real-time basis through advice, acknowledgement or social messaging. Most importantly, listen to the voice of the customers/prospects and interpret and respond with appropriate information that fits the proper tone.

6. Be Active in Groups

LinkedIn Groups are an integral component of generating leads from the platform. You need to know which group to join and how to contribute in it. Search for the groups focused on your area of expertise and join the ones with the most active members. To not come across as sales oriented, position yourself as an expert by adding to the discussions constructively. A larger group may seem more tempting, but always start from a smaller group first to build relationships.

7. Use LinkedIn Publisher

Since the Publisher feature is now open to all and not just influencers, it is now possible for all members to publish and distribute long-form content on the platform. Using this opportunity, B2B companies can now share value added information by posting high quality content on topics of interest to their target audience. You can pick up topics from the recurring queries in the groups you participate in and use your posts to address them.

8. Encourage Employees to be Brand Ambassadors

Your employees can be the ideal brand ambassadors for your company. Most of them would probably have a LinkedIn account. If they don’t, ask them to make one with all the updated details of the company and themselves. This includes sharing the work they do at your company and the results it generates. Also encourage your employees to participate in groups and publish long-form content to increase your exposure.

9. Including Images And Videos Are An Additional Perk

You’re definitely aware of the importance of graphics on Facebook and Twitter. Well, LinkedIn is no different. Just that, make sure your graphics are more business oriented. While images drive comments, videos drive shares. According to LinkedIn’s own data, updates with images typically get a 98% higher comment rate than those without.

10. Optimize your Company Page for Keywords

You’re probably already using search engine optimization for your website, but did you know optimizing your company page for keywords greatly increases your likelihood of being discovered by prospects? You can add keywords to your LinkedIn Company Page in the “Specialties” section when you choose to edit the page. Just as you have a SEO strategy for your website, extend it and adapt it for LinkedIn. Choose keywords that relate to your business, and use them across your updates, posts and pages.

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