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Are you Targeting the right Audience on Social Media?

Sometimes in spite of having everything in place you still might not get the business conversions you want from social media platforms. In such cases, you need to check whether you’re targeting the right audience or not. Even if you have a high engagement rate with the current audience, it still gets pointless in the end if they’re not your target customers. Indentifying your potential audience can be a crucial task.

You first need to create your buyer’s persona. A buyer’s persona is a semi-fictional representation of what your ideal customer would be like. It is based and created on the market research and analysis. Consider your buyer’s demographics and psychographics while creating your buyer’s persona.

Why you should create a Buyer’s Persona?

1. Why You Need To Understand Your Customer:

Imagine that you’re buying a gift for someone you know personally. You immediately cast their image in your head and know their likes and dislikes and buy a gift accordingly. Your customers are pretty much the same. A buyer’s persona would give you a better understanding of what your customers are like.

- Use this to your advantage:

When you know your customer insights, it’s much easier for the brand to understand the problem the customers are facing. And these insights then will help you cater to their needs much more efficiently.

2. Where Your Customers Spend Most of their Time:

Once you figure out your buyer’s persona, this insight would help you find out where your target audience spends most of their time. Which social platforms they use more, where they look up their information, which channels they use to connect with their friends, family and colleagues. This would help you define your social media strategies based on the social platform you choose.

- Use this to your advantage:

Once you know which platform your current and potential customers use the most, you can directly target them only on those platforms. This would also save a lot of money on paid marketing as you’ll only need to advertise on the selective platforms.

3. Superior Leads:

So by now you’ve understood your audience and figured out what they want. This enables you to determine your type of content. By now you also know which platforms they spend most of their time on. So how is all this information going to help you? All these details help you to create a more precise and crisp marketing plan which would be mainly catered to your target audience.

- Use this to your advantage:

Using the above mentioned insights, you can now connect with your audience on a personal level through direct marketing. These insights will make communication more personalized. You can nurture leads much better and also build loyalty from existing customers.

4. How will Organizational Unity help you grow:

Buyer personas ensure that all the employees of the company are on the same page. It ensures that there is a unified understanding among all employees of how to please and deal with potential and existing customers. This helps in building and maintaining a positive image of the company.

- Use this to your advantage:

This helps in better brand building of the company. If all employees are in sync, creating strategies becomes a much more efficient task. Using this, it is much easier to create a more personalized pitch for new leads.

5. New Launches and Rebranding:

When you want to launch a new product or rebrand your existing ones, the buyer personas you have created will be immensely helpful. They’d guide you through your marketing path and help you address the problems and challenges.

- Use this to your advantage:

The insights you’ve so far gathered, helps to identify your mistakes you’ve made previously. Use the information in making your product better, appealing to a larger audience.

In today’s economy knowing your customers is integral to the success of your business. Once you’ve created your buyer’s persona there is no rule that it cannot be updated. Like everything else, your customers also change with time. Altering the buyer’s persona from time to time helps you revamp your marketing strategies and even develop new strategies to attract more leads.

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